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OutInFront was formally launched on October 29th, 2015 OutInFront by the newly formed committee of Tom Foley, Valerie Heatley, Jason Bradhshaw, Sean Dunne and Luke McCarron,  The event, which was held in the offices of Irish tech start up, Intercom, was attended by over 90 people. Such was the demand for tickets that there was a waiting list of over 20 names to attend the launch. 

The LGBT networking launch evening kicked off with OutInFront’s first ever lgbt networking session. One attendee commented that she expected to meet people that she would have similar interests with, but didn’t expect to meet people that she could do business with. Companies represented on the evening included Arthur Cox, Twitter, State Street, Deloitte and Communicorp. Chris Donoghue, (Newstalk 106­108) chaired a discussion with some of Dublin’s business leaders on their careers to date and how being a member of the LGBT has impacted their careers. Michael Walsh (Partner ­ ByrneWallace), Caroline Gardner (CEO ­ Quality Matters), Gareth Fitzgerald (Owner ­ Brother Hubbard & Sister Sadie) led the discussion with fascinating insights into how their careers have progressed to date.

Each of the panelists identified that being members of the LGBT community served as being distinct benefits in certain occasions. Caroline Gardner recalled one occasion where she played the “pink card” in order to ensure a piece of work was completed. Michael Walsh also noted that he is excluded from some traditional networking events that heterosexual people typically meet other professionals such as sports activities.

The event concluded with a lively Q&A from the audience before retiring to 37 Dawson Street to continue the conversation. OutInFront would like to thank the generosity of Intercom, the panelists, all attendees and everybody who contributed to making the evening the success it was.

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Thomas Foley

Written by Thomas Foley

Tom is an Account Development Representative with Irish technology startup, Intercom and the founder of OutInFront Ireland. Tom is a graduate of University College Cork holding a Bachelor of Civil Law.