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25-Apr-2016 22:25:39

Best Events For LGBT People In Ireland

Ireland is full of wonderful and colourful LGBT events, so why not attend some! Ireland has a wide range of events throughout the from parades to matching festivals to events for professional LGBT peoples. Catch some of the best events for LGBT people in Ireland in this post! 

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18-Apr-2016 18:14:24

Why is workplace diversity so important

In recent times businesses have begun to realize the importance of workplace diversity especially in terms of their overall talent management. Diversity in the workplace in paramount in todays globalized marketplace, as many companies interact with a variety of clients in different countries with vastly different cultures.

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15-Apr-2016 03:13:49

LGBT Networking Launch

OutInFront was formally launched on October 29th, 2015 OutInFront by the newly formed committee of Tom Foley, Valerie Heatley, Jason Bradhshaw, Sean Dunne and Luke McCarron,  The event, which was held in the offices of Irish tech start up, Intercom, was attended by over 90 people. Such was the demand for tickets that there was a waiting list of over 20 names to attend the launch. 

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11-Apr-2016 14:13:59

The Business of a Referendum

On the 30th of March we held our second ever event in the offices of ByrneWallace. The Business of a Referendum, examined from a business perspective the groundbreaking work that YesEquality undertook to deliver the world’s public vote in favor of marriage equality.

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08-Apr-2016 21:54:10

Why Networking Still Matters

Yes, Networking still matters! 

“It’s not what you know but who you know!”

Believe it or not this applies to all of us and ever facet of our lives. If you’re a professional, a business owner or a regular joe bloggs it pays to know the right people.

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08-Apr-2016 01:54:35

Great Networking Checklist

Check out our great networking checklist on how to prepare for any networking event!

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21-Mar-2016 11:43:28

Top LGBT Resources in Ireland

New to Ireland / Dublin (or even not new!) and LGBT? Wondering what great resources are available to you? Look no further! Check our our top lgbt resources in Ireland and download our handy contact sheet for a full more complete list of resources!

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